1. Turn-Key Provisioning or Integrated Solutions

1.1. - Customer: Companhia Brasileira de Trens Urbanos - CBTU - METROREC (Recife Subway)
Contract: New South Line of Recife subway (14Km in extension)
Contractor: BALFOUR BEATTY RAIL Brazil

Performed works:

Complete project, civil works, electromechanical installations of Substations 69KV, 9 MW Traction, 3 KVCC, and Aerial Network Disconnection Switch Stations to provide power supply to the new line, as well as the interconnection with the existing downtown Line.

1.2. - Customer: Companhia Paulista de Transporte Metropolitano de São Paulo - CPTM - SP
Contract: 03 Tracks's Train Maintenance Work Shop - Line F: " Abrigo Engenheiro São Paulo "
Contractor: Consortium CAF, ALSTOM and BOMBARDIER

Performed works:

General Work Management and Planning. Aerial Network, Grounding and lighting Electrical and Electronmechanical Project. 13,8 KV Eletropaulo Standard Cabin manufacture and supply.
Aerial Network, grounding and lighting components manufacturing and supply. Interconection of Workshop Aerial Network to the line in operation.
Aerial Network, Lighting, Grounding and Switchboard Assembly and Supervision. Operation tests and comissioning, as well as the start-up.

1.3.- Customer: Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio - CBA
Contract: Modification of 40m of the energized Bars set (750VCC and nominal 70 KA) on the Rectifier Group, which feeds the Aluminium Oven.
Contractor: Asea Brown Boveri Ltda. - ABB Brasil

Performed works:

Project and manufacturing of Bus Bars set, accessories and devices needed to replace the existing bars without de-energize then.
As the existing Bus Bars set was energized, the assembling and welding of the new bars was performed, as well as the progressive replacement of old bars.

Final measurements to check its proper operation

2.- Turn-Key fases Management

2.1.- Customer: Companhia Paulista de Transporte Metropolitano de São Paulo - CPTM - SP
Contract: 138 - 88 / 22 KV, 30 / 60 MVA Primary Substation, 30 / 60 MVA, to feed São Paulo Subway Line 5
Contractor: SIEMENS - Brasil

Performed works:

General Planning and Management of this Substation works.
138 - 88 KV Manoeuver Yard Electromecanical Supervision and Assembling (Outdoor), 22 KV Switchboard, 22 / 0,44 KV Transformers, Rectifiers Group, AC and CC Low Tension Panels, Batteries and Chargers Electromechanical Assembling and Supervision. Comissioning, operation tests and start-up.

2.2.- Customer: VESPER (Brazilian Mobile Telecommunication Service Provider)
Contract: 04 Mobile Telephone Switching Offices and Base Radio Stations: Lapa, Guarulhos, Penha and Santos (City of São Paulo Districts)
Contractor: Spectra Telecon do Brasil

Performed works:

Planning, Management and Inspection of Mobile Switching Office and Base Radio Stations Assembling.

2.3.- Customer: Companhia Paulista de Transporte Metropolitano de São Paulo - CPTM - SP
Contract: On board ATC Equipment System on the Series 1700 Trains
Contractor: ADTRANZ

Performed works:

Supervision, revision and tests of the ATC equipment system, Work general Schedule prepartion with ADTRANZ and General work supervision at the ADTRANZ workshop. Trains equipment installation, switchboard component and equipment revision, assembled switchboard workbench tests and train testings participation.

3.- Installations Retrofiting

3.1.- Customer: Companhia do Metropolitano de São Paulo - São Paulo Subway
3.1.1.- Local: North - South / East - West Lines Operation Control Center (OCC) , which totalize 30 Km in extension, 24 Passengers Stations and Two Million People Daily Transportation.

Performed works:

Progressive and gradual replacement, during night period, of OCC feeding substation equipment and switchboards, in order to improve it without the Operation Control Center interruption.

3.1.2. - Local: North - South Line, in all 24 Passengers Stations From Santana to Jabaquara Station

Performed works:

- 15 motorized disconnection switch (25 KV, 1200A) replacement
- 67 Askarel Transformers Replacement by Dry Transformers: of the 2800 KVA - 22 / 0,637 KV Rectifiers and 1000 / 500 KVA - 22 / 0,48 KV Substations.

This work was performed during the night period, and taking all safety precautions in order to keep the continuous operation of the Passengers Stations and Subway.